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 RDM & DMX512 TESTING - DMX 512 / RDM data distribution systems -  Theatrical control systems

Made In New York
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DMX512 - RDM  Lighting Data ProductsRDM logo

The DMXter TM family of DMX testers
- Equipment to set up and validate DMX512 - E1.11 - RDM E1.20 lighting systems

DMX Splitter Units and Distribution Equipment
- DOT Eleven splitters for DMX512
- DMX -Net distribution scheme with active wall plates
- DMX-Link -- Ethernet (Art-Net) distribution modules
- The FOS customizable optically isolated splitter
DMX512 Merges, Decoders and Processors
-Combine 2 to 4  Universes of DMX - E1.11
-Decode DMX into 0 to 10VDC or  into a contact closure
- Switch to a backup source of DMX automatically
A distributed RDM Hub designed for wall boxes, wireway plug strips and trusses.  A truly flexible way to distribute DMX/RDM!  data  sheet
Information on how DMX-Net RDM can work for you:
DMX-Net RDM in a proscenium theater
DMX-Net RDM in a flexible theater/black box

  BACKFADE - Major TV studios use The BACKFADE  for console backup.
vailable in the USA from Goddard Design Co.
 Need to convert DMX to DALI? DALI to DMX?  Call us

Other Products

Chaos Audio TM Theatrical Intercom
- A clear, loud, rugged  and simple intercom
Scenery Mechanization Controllers
- The AWU TM controller for regional theater and industrial shows
Lite-UpsTM Stage Marking Lights
- Portable battery powered center line or entrance markers for the

The fully configurable  RDM hub and Splitter

Most Recent Software Releases
DMXter4/4A RDMtm   Software Version 4.23
MiniDMXter4 - V3.23    View the release note
Development-grade RDM packet viewer and sniffer available as software options for DMXTER4 RDM.

NOW - Intercept and Modify on the MiniDMXter4
  Now shipping  the - DMXter4A RDM
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Susan & her son Ed, need our help.
Susan worked for GDC for many years. She was our production manager when the Lil'DMXter was born. She kept us sane thru many an LDI show. Now she needs our help to get  her son the help he needs to overcome too many years in foster care.More information at  .
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Made In New York
 discounts available

Made in New York

Goddard Design Company - 51 Nassau Avenue  - Brooklyn NY 11222 - 718 599 0170 - 718 599 0172 fax
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