You Can Send
DMX512 WithOut Wires 
  Using Wireless Ethernet  Techniques

No Cable SymbolIn 1995 Goddard Design was the first company to design and manufacture a wireless DMX512 system. DMX WithOut Wirestm was designed for those special situations where a DMX cable wasn't practical.

The system combined Goddard Design's proprietary DMX data compression and error checking software with the high reliability and noise immunity of spread spectrum wireless techniques.

Unfortunately our system and those from other manufacturers that followed us were just too expensive to be practical in all but a few specific applications.

It is with great pleasure that Goddard Design can now offer two new approaches to wireless DMX512 that are even more useful - and much cheaper!

The WOW is dead! Long live the O-WOW and the DMX-Link WOW!

The first product is the O-WOW, a short range infrared wireless system. It provides for full speed transmission of multi-start code DMX512 over the range of 10 mm to 15 meters. It is less expensive than radio systems. It can be used in environments where the radio bandwidth is already crowded. It allows for easy insolation of multiple systems working in proximity to each other. It can be thought of as a non-contact DMX connector. Please see our O-WOW data sheet for more information.

The second product is really just another application for our DMX-Link line of DMX to Art-Net convertor products. Our DMX-Link products speak 10baseT Ethernet. Today to fill the needs for wireless computing the computer companies have developed a wide range of 802.11b wireless Ethernet hardware. As with most things in the consumer computer market, the price of this equipment has decreased tremendously.

To construct a wireless system all you need to do is connect one of our DMX-Link Endcoder2's to a properly selected wireless bridge and connect one of our DMX-Link Decoder2's to another wireless bridge. This wireless system will provide for two complete universes of DMX 512, selectable from 255 possible universes. Need more universes? You may connect larger DMX-Link systems to either side of the wireless bridge. Need a bidirectional system? Easy - just place encoders and decoders on each bridge. The system works just like a standard DMX-Link system except one network segment is invisible.

What do we mean by properly selected wireless hardware? Not every wireless access point from Computers-R-Us will work. In some mission critical applications 802.11 products are neither rugged or reliable enough for the small scale war that is theatrical touring, The very popularity of 802.11 is one of the problems. Many a venue now has wireless Ethernet in the front office. Interference and much lower than expected thru put is a real possibility. We felt a need for something more for our rental division and for our customers who have mission critical wireless applications. It does not matter if they are running our DMX-Link product or PathPorts, you need a robust product that can work in an environment that already has too many 802.11 products running!

Enter - E-Link2.4

We are happy to be able to offer E-Link2.4. This is the latest in high speed/long range industrial wireless networking product from an established leader in spread spectrum wireless products since 1987. The E-Link2.4. is THE Ethernet bridge for theatrical applications.This is the latest in high speed/long range industrial wireless networking product from an established leader in spread spectrum wireless products since 1987.

What else does Goddard Design offer?

1) We sell you the DMX-Link parts to make it all possible.

2) We provide a free (yes, really) technical guide on selecting the proper wireless bits.

3) We will maintain a short list of hardware we have seen work.

4) And if you feel you must pay us, we will set up and check out your hardware for a fee.

You may a download the print version of this data sheet. (11K)

This file is in PDF format. You will need a PDF viewer to read and print it. If you do not have one it may be downloaded for free from Adobe.

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