V2.40 for Lil’DMXter2 (FD DMX-1B) - release Oct 15, 2006
Price $50.00 with manual and EPROM. $40.00 by email with PDF manual. - Price $90.00 including ShowPlayer.

This version completes the support for E1.11 (DMX512-A). It provides a few new features and some evolutionary changes to displays and key sequences.

              Graphical Receive routine

Tsip_dis009bw.jpghis routine allows 32 slots to be viewed at once for a quick over view. Each slot is displayed as a 10-state bar graph. One state shows which slots are at zero, one state shows which slots are at full. The remaining 8 states show intermediate levels. Optionally the exact level of the first displayed slot can be read in all three number formats.

              Full support for the newsip_dis010bw.jpg alternate start code messages that are a feature of E1.11.

                              Sends and receives text packets

                              Sends DMX512A hex 55 test packet.

                              Send and receive System Information Packets (SIP)

                                              Allows monitoring the number of packets received, while keeping track of three different types of errors.

                                              This code maybe used to monitor working systems in the field or help with the development of new systems supporting SIPs. The extend of this code can be judged by the fact that it adds a dozen new menu items. Many of these items are cursor menus with four or five different parameters per menu item.

              E1.11 has new recommend packet timings. These are now the default flavor. The old default and adjustable flavors are all still supported.

              New quick select for number display format

In most routines that display a slot level, that level can be displayed in percent, decimal, or hex. Now in most of those routines pressing the <RIGHT><UP> keys together will cycle thru those choices. In the view text mode the <RIGHT><UP> switches the display from text to hex data and back.

              New software tracking feature.

The firmware check sum and build date are displayed in SETUP OPTION.

When the DMXter was first sold, DMX512 was about Null START Code packets; alternate START Code messages were a curiosity. If a data stream of mixed Null and ASC messages is being received, it is not obvious if it has updated the Null packet. The NO DATA timeout only times out if NO packets of any start code are received. With our old software it was not possible to easily tell if packets currently being displayed had been updated. We found this to be annoying when using the DMXter to test multi-START Code DMX. So we have added a small change to VIEW LEVELS in the receive menu.

              Now, in VIEW LEVELS, pressing the <DOWN> key will clear the buffer as well as restart reception if that is needed. Pressing the <UP> simply restarts reception as it always has.

              A second version of VIEW LEVELS is in the SIP menu. This routine automatically restarts reception whenever valid data is present. This is useful for certain equipment testing.

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