The DMXter 2U

A rack mountable DMX controller with all the features of the Lil'DMXter and more 

As the features of the Lil'DMXter grew, more and more users wanted to use it in semi-permanent or permanent applications. For these uses the extremely portable nature of the Lil'DMXter is not always an advantage. Here's the DMXter 2U, a Lil'DMXter2 for bolted down applications. All the hardware and software features of the standard Lil'DMXter2 in a 2U 19" rack box, plus many new features.The user controls, the XLR connectors, and the LED illuminated LCD display are on the front panel. 
Front View of the DMXter 2U
The 2U is equally at home as the back up controller in a theatre or TV studio, running a trade show booth, the background lighting for themed entertainment or as the built in test controller in a touring show DMX distribution rack. Its increased I/O capabilities will make it a useful addition to your test bench. And since it isn't a handy little portable box, it will stay on your test bench! 

These uses will benefit from new software  including enhanced ShowSavertm - ShowPlayertm software. ShowPlayer allows you to store up to 164 cues. These can be assigned to any of 1000 different  possible cue numbers.

ShowPlayer allows completely unattended operation. An external device can start or stop a  sequence. Sequences may step cue to cue based on time or on an input from an external device. On a DMXter-2U a cue may also produce a contact closure output to trigger an external device. 

ShowPlayer supports fade and hold times of up to one hour. 

Enhanced ShowSaver allows for automatic changeover to backup mode upon main DMX failure. 

ShowPlayer will allow an external device to trigger a cue, so completely unattended operation is possible. An orderable option allows, a cue  to close a contact to trigger an external device. 

  • New intelligent power supply design optimized for long battery life when primary power is from the AC mains. It acts as a built in UPS that can provide over 8 hours of battery operation.
  • Operating RAM is battery backed up. 
Moving around to the back panel you'll find all that connection stuff that you wish to bury in the rack: 
  • Five contact closure outputs on Weidmueller connector strips
  • .on Weidmueller connector strips
  • Weidmueller strips allow for easy I/O interface - I/O harnesses can be pre-made and just plugged in.
  • Power inlet connector 
  • Optional second set of XLR connectors on the back panel allows for clean rack installation. (Add $75.).
Back Panel View of the DMXter 2U
Price $ 1450.00

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