AL DMX-Protect XLR  

  DMX512 Passive in-line overvoltage protector  
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Photo of DMX over voltage protection box.DMX-Protect is a passive in-line device designed to protect a DMX line from damage due to overvoltage events.

It provides two levels of protection.

The first is a self-healing circuit that protects against damage due to accidental connection to mains and will recover when the fault is removed.

The second is a 'protection of last resort' that will sacrifice the product in order to protect against high energy faults such as nearby lightning strikes.

The product is housed in a protective metal case and features XLR5 connectors for the DMX input and output.

Both the input and output have protection circuitry so products connected to the input are protected from faults on the output and vice versa.

No PSU is required.


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