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 BACKFADE is designed to sit quietly in line between the main lighting console and dimmers, ready to take over a show should the console fail.

BACKFADE will seamlessly crossfade from the last look, then work as a backup controller.  When the main controller becomes available again, BACKFADE allows the operator to seamlessly crossfade back to the main unit. BACKFADE can also track the show in progress, displaying the current cue, allowing for a quick switchover in the event of a main console problem.

Photo of the Backfade

Each 1U chassis will handle 1-4 universes.  Using an expansion port, multiple 1U units can be slaved to build multiple universe systems.  BACKFADE uses a rotary encoder with integral switch and 3 additional pushbuttons to access all its features via a 20 character 2 line vacuum fluorescent  display .  4 LEDs indicate the presence of DMX on each supported universe.  An optional audio alarm can be added to indicate the failure of a universe.

BACKFADE is used in several television studios in the UK, including BBC and CNN, and in multiple facilities of a major network in New York City.

BACKFADE’s standard functions include:

  •     record cues from input, adding manual fade times
  •     edit cues
  •     establish links and wait times
  •     enable autosequencing or manual cue sequencing
  •     track console cues if identical cues have been previously stored
  •     if enabled, autorun function can start on power up
  •     99 cues per universe stored
  •     pause continuous playback
  •     optional remote control allows full operation of BACKFADE
  •     test DMX and show timing parameters
  •     unit may be configured for simple or full menu operation
  •     may be ordered with twin redundant power supplies
   If you wish to read tha  manual it is available online.
1 universe BACKFADE $1095.
        Add a universe 
        Add twin redundant power supplies
        Add remote enabling card
        Add audible alarm
$ 75.
   BACKFADE remote
Allow six weeks for delivery

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