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Dynamic RDM User Interface Displays the PIDs you need for each Fixture Type

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Goddard Design Co. Announces Release of Software V4.34/V3.34 for Their DMX512/RDM

RDM supports a rich field of PIDs, and Goddard Design Co. is proud to support all of them in their DMXter4/4A RDM and MiniDMXter4 test units.

Real life in the field means a fixture supports certain PIDs and the technician would appreciate seeing only those PIDs and submenus on the tester’s display. 

V4.34 (for DMXter4/4A RDM units) and V3.34 (for MiniDMXter4 units) use the responder’s Supported PIDs List to automatically reconfigure the PIDs displayed.  This saves time - it produces a custom UI for each fixture type used. The feature can be turned off and on since there are situations when it is helpful to have all the  PIDs viewable.

Users who purchased a DMXter4A RDM, a MiniDMXter4, or updates for these units since October 2015 can contact Goddard Design Co. for a free update to V4.34/V3.34.  Other users may purchase the update, which includes V4.32/V3.32 and offers other significant advantages, for $50.  Further information at www.goddarddesign.com

Price List - Professional Net

Description Price Buy Online
DMXter4A software updateV4.34 -- For units with Serial # higher than 4400

DMXter4 RDM software updateV4.34 -- For units with Serial # lower than 4400
MiniDMXter4 software update V3.34
For software updates, please give us the unit's serial number and model number when asked in the shopping cart.    
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