RDM Integrity

-Licensing  and enabling explained-
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If you are interested in seeing a demo version of RDM Integrity, please click here.

This takes you to a page where you can download a viewer and a few demo files. 

How Licensing RDM Integrity Works

The RDM-I program is licensed software. It is not freeware. However, the PC program may be downloaded and used in a viewer mode for free. Licensing is done by registering a unique identifier for  the controller to our online server . When  the program see a controller that it has not seen before it checks with the RDM Integrity server over the internet. It checks whether the connected controller is registered with the server. If it is, the registration is stored in the user's PC. Any future connection will not require checking the registration on the server.  For computers that are never connected to the internet, a registration key can be gotten  from Goddard Design. Initial registration with the online RDM Integrity server may take as long as 3 business days. Subsequent registration takes about 15 seconds.

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