How to install the V09 boot loader

   on the MiniDMXter4, the DMXter4 RDM, or the DMXter4A  RDM34
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To update your MiniDMXter4, DMXter4 RDM or your DMXter4A RDM to any software version newer than v3.20 (Mini) or v4.20(DMXter4/ 4A) you need to have the V09 or later version of the boot loader.
If not, you first need to update the boot loader. The method for doing this is similar to doing a code update.   You will be sent two files, these files are encoded for your unit and will only update your unit. 
If you try to load a software version that requires a later boot loader than the one presently installed in your unit, the software won’t load and you will get the error message:
Bad Version on line 0X0001

Detailed Instructions on doing the update are posted here

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