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The AWU-4AM2 -A New Classic  Scenery Motion Controller
Optimized for External target Storage and Remote Triggering

GODDARD DESIGN CO. has been a major player in automation control for more than 20 years.  Our controllers are used extensively on Broadway, in regional theater, on the road, in rental shops and in just about every facet of presentations.  Our reputation for simple to use equipment that provides you with reliable, repeatable control is unequalled.  Our modular approach offers you the ability to mechanize one piece at reasonable cost, knowing you can expand the system as needed.

The AWU4-AM2 is an update of the classic AWU4.  It continues to offer control of one axis of motion per unit - up and down, onstage and off.  Each unit offers you four targets; the optional LEX-6 expansion unit takes that to 10 targets.  A new feature offered by the AWU-4M2  is target expansion from an external target source.  Using a 10 bit DAC  that provides 0 to 10VDC, targets can be expanded to any number. When this is coupled with the expansion options that have always been available with AWU-4, remote computer control become a practical reality.

For multiple unit operation, group together as many AWU and LEX-6 units as you need using the Master Buss.  Our REM-ST Master unit gives you a remote RUN and remote ALL STOP and an emergency STOP to shut off power to all drives.  Master Buss options include speed mastering and start sub-grouping..

Features of the AWU Series controllers include:

  • position repeatability of better than 1/4" in 50' of travel with smooth acceleration and deceleration for predictable, safe operation
  • absolute positions for scenery targets are stored in nonvolatile memory so the system can't "forget"
  • AWU systems use absolute encoders, normally 10 turn precision potentiometers
  • large, front panel digital position readout gives the operator continuous location feedback
  • front panel controls are used for setting targets quickly and reliably
  • careful panel layout provides the operator with feedback for confident operation
  • adjustable speed and variable accel/decel rates make the system work for you as your needs change from one production to the next
  • most functions may be remotely controlled including, target, speed, start and stop
  • most status information may be remotely monitored including direction of travel, current position, and running/stopped


AWU front panel layout
  1. Use the Remote Start button to set up groups for multiple unit operation
  2. The position display shows you current scenery position
  3. Two accel/decel presets are available
  4. Use the Jog switch to manually position the scenery
  5. Four 10-turn dials are used to store targets
  6. The Limit Selector dial lets you choose which of the 4 AWU- 4a or 6 LEX-6 targets you want
  7. The Speed dial lets you set the maximum speed of a move
  8. The Run button starts motion
  9. Use the Stop button to halt a piece before it reaches target
  10. The In and Out indicators show the direction a piece will move
An AWU is 19 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide and approximately 7 inches deep.  The LEX-6 is 19 inches tall by 1.75 inches wide by 7 inches deep.  Mounting ears are provided with mounting holes on standard rackmount centers.  Units are normally packaged in 19 inch relay racks with the rails mounted horizontally rather than vertically.  The REM-ST remote unit has the same mechanical size as an AWU.  Front panels of all units are a gray anodized metal; cases and rack ears are a textured black finish.  All connections to the units are made by back panel mounted connectors.  A 25 pin D-style connector provides signals necessary for the LEX-6 and many custom expansion possibilities.  The Master Buss connector is a 15-pin D style connector.  Information on the expansion connectors is at htpps://goddarddesign.com/awu4_backpanel.html.
FM AWU4AM2 including the system manual   
FM LEX-6   
System Manual 
For racks and other options please consult the factory .

Need more information? You can download the complete manual - free!

 Download The AWU4AM Manual
You may a download the print version of this data sheet. (221K)

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