My DMXter is making a buzzing noise and won’t turn on

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My DMXter is making a buzzing noise and won’t turn on. Is this a serious problem?
If you own a Lil’DMXter 1 ( part number FD DMX-1 or running V1.01 thru V1.83 software), or if you own a Lil’DMXter 2 ( part number  FD DMX-1b or running V2.00 thru V2.46 software) the answer is no - the problem is a simple battery issue

Likely Causes

  • The internal battery switch is turned off and you are trying to run the unit on AC mains power. Unmodified Lil’DMXters (but not DMXter4s) require the battery be connected for the unit to run on AC. Turn on the internal battery switch and try again.
  • The battery is deeply discharged and you have just plugged the unit into the AC mains to charge. The Lil’DMXter uses the battery as part of the AC smoothing circuit. What you hear is one of the internal relays activating. But the power supply cannot source the current to keep it activated, and it releases. Every half cycle of the AC mains this repeats, causing the buzz. Try ignoring the buzz and charge for several hours. Unplug the unit and try restarting it

Next Step

If the unit turns on correctly, turn the unit off and let it charge fully. If it doesn't turn on correctly, it is very likely that you need a new rechargeable battery. As a rule of thumb a new fully charged battery should run cable test (which has the highest drain on the battery) for about 8 hours. If you see low battery warnings or the unit shuts down in 2 hours or less, your DMXter is running on vapors. Get a new battery. The DMXter 4 RDM can run from the AC mains even if the battery is fully discharged, turned off, or even missing. It should not buzz when charging. However, the rechargable battery has a finite life and will need replacing every few years. For more information on DMXter batterys and power supplies you can check out the Lil'DMXter power supply and battery FAQ

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