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The Chaos 301 series intercom offers a complete communications system engineered to perform under the most demanding conditions. The Chaos system features frequency response shaped for maximum clarity in human speech reproduction. This means unparalleled "listenability" whether your production needs quiet whispering or speech loud enough to compete with the loudest rock band.

 In installations, Chaos provides the best sound quality of any intercom available. On tour, its durability, dependability and easy hookup have made it the standard of the touring lighting and sound industry.


A Chaos 301 system uses our regulated 46-volt power supply to run up to 30 stations. For special applications that require more than 30 stations, please consult the factory. Each station consists of a beltpack and a headset.

Standard microphone cable connects the power supply and the beltpacks. Regular beltpacks have one male and one female XLR connector to facilitate daisy-chain hookup. This allows you considerable flexibility in laying out cable.

The Chaos system is designed to work best with the Beyer Dynamic DT108/109 headset. A 4-pin male XLR connector is used on the headset for connection to the beltpack.

Power supplies are available in portable and rackmount styles for both 120 volt and 240 volt operation.


Chaos stations are available as beltpacks, rackmount units and desk top boxes. Each single channel unit includes a microphone pre-amp with on/off switch, a headphone power amplifier with volume control pot and 3 XLR connectors. (A 4-pin female serves as the headset connector, and a male and female 3-pin wired in parallel allow for daisy chain station connection).

The mic switch is either a momentary or an alternate action switch at the customer's option. Some types of stations are available with an electronic mic switch to permit field selection between alternate action and momentary mode.

Signalling stations use a call light to indicate signalling. Signalling stations do not require additional cabling; they run on the standard 3-wire mic cable used by the rest of the system. If an audible signal is desired, "beeper" stations add an audio tone.

Belt Pack DrawingBeltpacks are housed in rugged, die-cast aluminum boxes with sturdy beltclips. A lighted signalling beltpack is illustrated. Beltpacks are the most popular packaging option of our stations. They are most commonly used by persons who are standing or moving around during their use. Of course they can also be used by persons who are running consoles.
Desktop units are housed in slope-fronted cases meant to sit on flat surfaces. While this is not a popular option for touring, installations may find a desktop station or two to be very handy.
Dual channel stations have an additional switch for channel selection. Dual channel stations have two 3-pin male connectors, one per channel. A splitter box is required to daisy-chain dual channel stations.
19 Inch Rack Station Drrawing

 Rackmount units bolt into standard 19" racks. A signalling rackmount station is shown. Audio effects racks, dimmer racks, etc. are popular uses for rackmount units.

Speaker stations Speaker Station Drawing combine the ability to hear communications at a distance with portability. The unit is self-contained and has a handle for easy carrying. This makes it very attractive for touring use, or for use in installations where flexible location is important. Talkback is done via a CB-style mic, or by a headset. When used with a headset, the speaker may be turned off if desired.
The DS pack is a further refinement of a dual channel station. This unit allows the user to listen to two channels at once, selecting the mix with a pan pot. The user can choose to listen to either channel alone. The user can speak on either or both channels; the mic switches are field selectable to alternate action or momentary mode. The unit is particularly useful to the user who needs to communicate with one group of persons while monitoring or being accessible to another group.

Custom packaging options are available. Please contact the factory.


The standard power supply will power up to 15 signalling stations (and 22 non-signalling ones). A heavy duty model will handle up to 30 stations on one talk channel.

The PS301 is a 46 volt DC power supply rated for continuous operation. It is protected by foldback current-limiting against damage by shorting. The power supply also provides the audio line termination circuitry for the Chaos intercom system.

The portable power supply is available for 120 volt or 240 volt use. The 240 volt model has a transformer capable of being rewired for either voltage. Rackmount power supplies are switch selectable between 120 volt and 240 volt operation.

Power supplies have four 3-pin female XLR output connectors for hookup to the stations.

Either portable or rackmount housings can be ordered. All models can be ordered with dual talk channel outputs for 2-channel communication.

An optional test tone is available for assistance in setting up the system. When switched on, the test tone emits a continuous tone into the system allowing one person to check any station. This can be very helpful in touring situations.

Please consult the factory regarding systems of more than 30 stations.


The Chaos 301 system was designed to use the Beyer Dynamic model DT109/108 headsets. These headsets offer superior comfort, high reliability and excellent sound reproduction.

The DT108 is a one muff unit; the DT109 has two muffs.

While other headsets of the correct impedance and other specifications will work with the Chaos system, we recommend the DT109/108.

Telephone style handsets are available. These are useful for locations where a traditional headset would be unwieldy. Handheld and gooseneck mounted microphones are also available. These are often used with speaker stations instead of headsets.


The 301CNV allows the user to interface a Chaos Audio intercom system with either a Clear-Com, Clear-Com compatible, or RTS system, without sacrificing quality operation of any system. The 301CNV may also be used to assemble very large Chaos Audio systems that require more than 36 stations per talk channel. It is a rackmount unit taking a single rack space. The 301CNV provides an electrically isolated interface between two intercom systems.


Goddard Design's Chaos Audio intercom is the standard for clear headset communication under difficult conditions. But what do you do when you need to maintain communication with someone who must roam freely? In the past many productions have given such people "walkie talkies". The standard of quality for portable radios are the ones manufactured by Motorola.

If the wired intercom and the wireless radios serve two separate functions, say lighting and security, all is well. But what do you do if you need to intercommunicate? Until now the only choice you have had is to use expensive wireless headset systems that support very few stations.

The Goddard Design RADIO-CHAOS INTERFACE allows communication between Motorola Radius-series radios and Chaos 301 intercom systems. The interface turns any one of several types of Motorola radios into a Chaos to radio "base station".


Supply voltage 46 volts DC
Audio bus level. 0 dBm (nominal)
Maximum number of stations 
per talk channel
Maximum cable run:
From power supply to farthest station in a daisy-chain 
using 20 ga. cable - 3,000 feet divided by the number of
stations in that chain

Power supply input voltage 85-265 VAC 
50-400 hz
Power supply output voltage 46 volts DC
Line current: Standard  - 1 amp
 '  High current - 2 amp
Continuous output current  Standard 1 amp
 ' High current 2 amps
Maximum output current Standard 1.3 amp
' High current 2.6 amps

Mic input- Impedance 150 ohm
Mic input- Level -44 dBm (nominal)
Mic input- Noise -120 dBm input equivalent
Headphone output level 10 volts rms
Headset (recommended):
Microphones 100-200 ohms 
(200 ohms optimum)
Earphones 150-600 ohms
(200 ohms optimum)
Audio bus level 0 dBm nominal
DC supply required: 
Voltage 40-48 volts DC
Non-signalling 60 mA maximum 
(30 mA average)
Lighted signaling 120 mA maximum 
(90 mA average)



Net Price
Non-signalling beltpack with alternate action mic switch
Non-signalling beltpack with momentary action mic switch
special order
Signalling beltpack with alternate action mic switch
Signalling beltpack with momentary action mic switch
Either of above with electronic microphone switching. Maybe either alternate action or momentary add $25.00
Signalling rackmount with alternate action mic switch
Signalling rackmount with momentary action mic switch
special order
FC 301BB-E-LS-DV Squawk box station  $600.00
FC 301DS-S-LS-2CH 2-channel designer pack special order
STATION OPTIONS 2-channel beltpack add $45.00
PS301-15-PT Standard portable, 110 V $460.00
PS301-15-RM Rackmount, standard  DISCONTINUED
1 FC WPS-15 2U Rackmount power supply 85 - 265 VAC  50-400hz New Product banner $525.00
PS301-30-RM Heavy duty, rackmount DISCONTINUED
FC WPS-30 2U Rackmount power supply - High current -  85-265 VAC 50-400hz New Product Banner $585.00
POWER SUPPLY OPTIONS Test tone in power supply 
2-channel combining switch
special order
add $50.00

Telephone style handset for Chaos Audio $100.00

Police style microphone for Chaos Audio $100.00
Beyer DT109 Two muff professional headset for Chaos Audio $279.20
Beyer DT108 One muff professional headset for Chaos Audio $231.00

Reseller discounts available on most products. Please contact the factory for details.

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