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DMX Pocket WatchTM - The Simple Basic DMX512 Tester

Do you ever want to know whether DMX512 is really on that cable? Do you need a tester that checks that the data is correctly formatted, that the cable is wired in phase? Maybe a Lil'DMXter is a bit of overkill, a little too big and a little expensive. You could get a LED/ XLR slug type tester, but that doesn't tell you very much.

The DMX Pocket WatchTM is small (1", 2.25, 4.25"). It's simple - no controls or switches. The unit turns on automatically when connected to DMX512. All data are displayed on a simple 12 LED clock face style display. It's inexpensive.

The DMX Pocket WatchTM tests if valid DMX512 is present.

  • It checks the break 
  • It checks the MAB
  • It checks for non zero start codes
  • It displays the address and level of the first DMX channel sent.
OK, so it isn't a DMXter. But here's a real DMX tester from Goddard Design Co. that fits in your pocket. It also leaves some of that nice green folding stuff in your pocket too!

Try the DMX Pocket WatchTM risk free for 30 days 

The pocket watch is no longer made, but if need the power  of a Lil'DMXter plus RDM in a handheld unit check out the
  MiniDMXter4 data sheet
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Last edit May 6, 2013