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The Goddard Design Co. DotEleven Splitters Family - for DMX512A

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USITT DMX512 is now an American National standard.  The standard is formally know as E1.11-2004 (USITT DMX512-A). Fear not, it is fully compatible with compliant legacy equipment.  However, the new standard has changed the requirements for new equipment wishing to comply with the standard.  It has also made a number of recommendations and provides several preferred ways of doing things. Goddard Design’s DotEleven line of splitters is designed to take full advantage of DMX512A. At this time the line includes three 5 output port DMX512A splitters and an RDM Hub with five output ports.

Family wide features:

  • All receivers follow the preferred isolated input topologies of E1.11 (DMX512A)
  • Passive loop thru on all units
  • 60 volt-rated driver and receivers used.
  • RDM bias networks protected to 50 volts
  •  ESD protection
    •  No Damage or Latchup to ESD
    •  IEC-1000-4-2 Level 4: ±15kV Air Discharge
    •  IEC-1000-4-2 Level 2: ±4kV Contact Discharge
  • Rack mountable or table top case for the same price.
    • The chassis made of sturdy .063" steel, black powder coated.
    • Table top chassis is 17"w, 8"d, and 1.75"h.
    • The front panel is .125" anodized aluminum.
  •  IEC AC mains connector and replaceable line cord.
  • Universal switching power supply 100-250 VAC 50-60Hz.
  •  Neutrix ‘D’ series connectors are used for the DMX512 lines.
  • DMX512A models have GDC’s unique High Common Mode Indicator. (Not on Hub5)
    • This indicates if the potential between an isolated DMX512 port and the local ground is unusually high.

Family members:  
1 FD CC05     A DMX512A Splitter with one (1) isolated input and five (5) grounded transmitters. This is our lowest cost splitter.  It follows the preferred topology in E1.11.
Price $560.00   Buy on line  RACK MOUNT    TABLE TOP   

2 FD CC05A    A DMX512A Splitter with one (1) isolated input port, one (1) isolated output port, and four (4) grounded output ports. This splitter offers one isolated output to deal with legacy equipment with grounded inputs. This is especially useful when that equipment is at the end of a long cable run to a location with different ground potential.  The isolated port can be jumper selected to act as a grounded output port as well
 Price $600.00  Buy on line  RACK MOUNT    TABLE TOP   

FD Hub5 photo
FD HUB5  Photo
 Other part numbers are mechanically the same except for markings and which LEDs are fitted.
FD ISO 5    A DMX512A splitter with five (5) isolated output ports. The input port is also fully isolated. Each of the outputs may be jumper selected to the  grounded topology.
  Price $725.00  Buy on line  RACK MOUNT   TABLE TOP     

FD DMX  HUB5    A full function DMX and RDM distribution system with 5 output ports.  Far more than just a splitter - it solves many difficult problems in DMX distribution. It provides an isolated input and four grounded RDM style command (output) ports and one isolated command port. For details see the DMX HUB5 data sheet.
. Price $925.00

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