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The Hub5 is a fully discoverable RDM splitter. It can be monitored via RDM. Configuration is done across the RDM network This is done by using  personalities at both the Root and Sub-device level.

Each female port (DMX512 output port) is a sub-device.  Each port may have one of the following four personalities:
        1) A universal port - it acts as either an input (responder) or output (controller) port.
        2) A bi-directional RDM controller port - this is the normal default configuration.
        3) A uni-directional DMX port - it acts like a standard DMX splitter port. All packets are forwarded. All replies are blocked.
        4) A clean port - only Null Start code messages are forwarded. The DMX is re-timed to one of two very conservative flavors.
            It supports 30 or 15 Hz update rate.

The root device (the overall hub) may be set to one of eight personalities:
        1) Supporting a clean port  update rate of 30 Hz.
        2) Supporting a clean port  update rate of 15 Hz.
        3) Supporting  clean ports that hold the last frame on DMX failure and update at  30 Hz .
        4) Supporting  clean ports that hold the last frame on DMX failure and update at  15 Hz.
        5) Switches the controller port time-out from 250 ms to 1 second.  The clean port update rate is 30 Hz.
            The input time-out, unlike the above personalities, affects the behavior of  ports  set to personality one.           
        6) Switches the controller port time-out from 250 ms to 1 second.  The clean port update rate is15 Hz.
        7) Hold last - long timeout - 30 Hz
        8) Hold last - long timeout - 15 Hz 

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Device Information Reported

Model #
Model  Description 
Device Label
Manufacturer's Label
Software Version 
DMX512 Address
Slot Footprint
Personalities - root
Pesonalities - Sub-Devices
Product Cat.
Product Details
Power Cycles
FD HUB5 - 5 Port RDM Hub
user entered
Goddard Design Co
Data Distribution  0801h
Optional PIDs not listed above
Display Level
Self Tests
Reset to Factory Defaults
Enables / disables tally LEDs
7 supported

SUPPORTED_PIDS        0x0050 G (10.4.1)
This PID returns a list of the optional PIDs supported by the current software.

In the list below, the number is the hex value followed by its name.  The letters “G” and “S” show whether this command reads information back to the controller (G) or writes information to the responder (S). 

0070h    PRODUCT DETAIL ID LIST        G       

0080h    MODEL DESCRIPTION              G   

0081h    MANUFACTURE LABEL;          G   

0082h    DEVICE LABEL                          G, S
    The user may enter a label to identify the exact device such as ‘Stage Left HUB’. (up to 32 characters)
0090h    FACTORY DEFAULTS                S
    Sending a set for this PID returns the unit to the factory default configuration.
00E0h    PERSONALITY                        G, S
    This PID allows you to set the current personality. It is the primary way we configure the HUB.
    This PID returns a description of the currently selected personality. 
0200    SENSOR DEFINITION                G
    Returns the description  of current  sensor. The Hub5 supports nine sensors.
0201    SENSOR VALUE                        G
    Returns the current value of the currently selected sensor.
  0405    POWER CYCLES                        G
    This PID returns the number of ON/OFF power cycles since the last software update.
0501    DISPLAY LEVEL                        G, S
    This PID controls whether the LED displays are on or off. Any non zero value will allow the LED displays to be seen. Setting this parameter to zero shuts off  the LED in normal operation. The LEDs are always visible for the Identify command and when serious hardware or software faults are detected.
1020    PERFORM SELF TEST            S
    This PID allows selecting a self test routine. The current Hub5 supports two different self test routines. The current self can be started by this command but can only be stopped by power cycling the unit.
    I hope this is obvious!
8803    Clear Error counters.                    S

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Hardware Specifications

  • Passive loop thru on input
  • The input is fully isolated  following the preferred topology of E1.11.
  • 4 outputs follow the preferred grounded transmitter topology.
  • 1 output is switchable between grounded and isolated for use with  legacy equipment.
  • 60 volt-rated driver and receivers used.
  • RDM bias networks protected to 50 volts
  • ESD protection
  •   IEC-1000-4-2 Level 4: ±15kV Air Discharge
  •   IEC-1000-4-2 Level 2: ±4kV Contact Discharge
  • Rack mountable or table top case for the same price.
  • The chassis made of sturdy .063" steel, gray powder coated.
  • Table top chassis is 17"w, 8"d, and 1.75"h.
  • The front panel is .125" anodized aluminum.
  • IEC AC mains connector and replaceable line cord.
  • Universal switching power supply 100-250 VAC 50-60Hz.
  • Neutrik`D' series connectors are used
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