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The Smart Merge 4:2

Drawing of GDC 4 way merge unit for DMX512

Two 2 Universe Merges in One Box

- or a Four Universe Adjustable Merge at a Reasonable Price !

The Smart Merge 4:2 takes four DMX512 Universes  and merges them into one or two Universes out.   Most merges only allow a one to one merge; slot one of Universe one is always merged with slot one of Universe two and so on.  This is fine for simple merging requirements  but when has lighting been simple? The house light dimmers  may well live at slot 400 on the second Universe and the slots you want to control with that effects controller may well start at slot 36.  With most companies merges such a product is a custom order .With the Smart Merge 4:2 it a mater of setting the front panel switches.

On the Smart Merge 4:2 each input Universe has its own front panel selectable offset control, so  the output of up to four controllers can be set end to end or overlapped. When using the offset, any channels over the 512 limit are carried over to output two.  

By setting offset of two Universes to 513 the Smart Merge 4:2  can be configured to act as two independent merges.

The Smart Merge 4:2 can be set by the user to hold the last frame on any/all of the inputs in the event of data loss.

Professional Net Price $2350.

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