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The infrared wireless DMX512 Link from Goddard Design Co.

Think of all the times you've wished for a simple means to transmit DMX512 for short distances in the millimeter to 10 meter range. To handle signals onto turntables, scenery units, wagons, across a crowded area where running cable is impractical. Or think of transmitting DMX512 to amusement ride vehicles easily.

The O-WOW handles one complete universe of DMX512, including systems intermingling null start code packets and alternate start code packets. The O-WOW encodes DMX512 into a proprietary error checking protocol designed for optical transmission. This data is then modulated onto infrared light. The signal is recovered, error checked, and the original DMX512 data stream is reconstructed. The system uses an encoding box, a decoding box, and separate optical sensors for transmitting and receiving. These sensors are compact and may be placed where convenient. The optical units are connected to the encoder and decoder by 4-pin cables.

O-WOW The infrared wireless DMX512 Link
Part numbers and prices
FD OWOW_TE Table top encoder and power supply $575.00
FD IRIL Short range infrared transmitter $90.00
FD IR_BRIGHT Mid range infrared transmitter $180.00
FD OWOW_TD Table top decoder and power supply $575.00 
FD IR_RCV Infrared receiver  $170.00
FD OWOW_SYS Complete mid range system $1500.00

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