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RDM adds management, verification and remote configuration to lighting control.  It allows even low-cost responders to be remotely interrogated and configured.  Integrating this capability into a lighting system requires tools.  The DMXter4 RDM is already an important configuration and analysis tool for RDM systems.  Having a collection of sophisticated responders on your bench or in your briefcase puts you in the RDM game.  RDM Labpack does this - and it’s a lot smaller than 3 Showguns!

Goddard Design Co. is pleased to be the North American distributor for the Howard Eaton Lighting’s RDM Labpack.  This clever box looks like a simple collection of 6 LED blocks.  In reality, it’s a powerful tool.  The Labpack has 6 discoverable RDM responders which respond to over 40 commands (PIDs).  Both “GET” and “SET” commands are supported.

Who needs the RDM Labpack?
  • equipment designers
  • software developers
  • rental shops, for checkout of RDM controllers, splitters, and other gear
  • educators who need a tool to introduce students to this major step in lighting control
  • sales professionals who need a convenient and portable method of demonstrating RDM
  • lighting labs
The RDM Labpack mimics the responses of a wide range of RDM devices, including:
  •  view device information: model, manufacturer, software version, user settable device label, current address and much more
  • view and set current DMX personality (See details)
  • supports 3 “voltage” sensors, 3 “current” sensors and 1 “temperature” sensor (See details)
  • supports 11 PIDs common to moving lights
  • supports 8 preset operations
  • supports RDM acknowledgements and NAK reason codes
  • supports 8 special codes designed for developers (See details)
Why does each block have 5 LEDs?
View list of supported PIDs
Read or download the full manual.

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FR LAB_PACK RDM LabPack with powers supply
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Each responder is fitted with five LEDs. As a default, each device has a DMX footprint of 4 slots. Four of the LEDs (Red/Green/Blue/White) can be dimmed by the DMX512 null start code  data. The center (Amber) Led is used as a status indicator for RDM activity. At power up, this  led will flash at 1second intervals to indicate that the responder has NOT yet been muted. This normally corresponds to not having been discovered as an RDM responder.

Once the responder has been discovered and muted, the Amber LED will  flash ‘on’ briefly  to indicate receipt of a valid RDM message for this UID. The Amber Led is never controlled by slots of a Null Start code DMX packet.

By default, the responder runs a Power Up Self Test (POST) routine that lights each of the DMX
controlled LEDs in turn, then ALL ON, then ALL OFF. Once all Leds are OFF, the unit is ready for discovery.

DMX Personalities

The responder supports two DMX personalities. Personality  #1 allows simple DMX control of the individual R/G/B/W LEDs. Personality  #2 allows this OR Preset Playback, as determined by the  receipt of the appropriate RDM commands.