8 Way DMX512 Controlled Relay

  Eight  500mA Pilot Relays
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The relay8 card is a low cost solution that allows DMX512 to drive up to eight contact closure circuits. It is provided as an open PCB module to allow for maximum flexibility in custom installations.

OPERATIONRelay 8  Photo
In use, the red LED will be lit when power is supplied to the unit. The green data LED will light if valid data is being received, and will blink if the address switches are set to zero, if the start code is not zero, or if the unit is in 600 test mode. If data are lost, the green LED will turn off after 1 second and the relay output will be maintained, or the relays set to zero depending on the setting of SW1.

Power and data are provided by a single 8 pin .1" header. A mating connector is the molex/HE14. The relay connections are by way of two removable eight pin screw clamp style headers. This allows installed cables to be wired and tested in advance.

The relays are controlled by a block of 8 addresses starting with the address set on the address switch.

With the hundreds BCD switch set to six the unit will enter the test mode. The green data LED will flash to indicate the unit is off line. The setting of the unit's BCD switch will then turn on the appropriate numbered relay.

Protocol DMX512 1990/DMX512 1986
Maximum Update Rate 44 updates/second
Switch Point On - DMX 51% Off -DMX 49%
Relay Outputs Rating 24V DC 0.5A
Hold Last Frame Switch next to data LED - "hold"

Switch towards HE14 - "no hold"
Power 9-12VAC/DC 650 mA all relays on
NOTE: The regulator MUST be mounted to the case metal work or other heatsink  able to dissipate five watts.
Dimensions 2.9"x4.7"x 1"
Mounting Centers 2.4" x 4. 2"

Pin 1 of the header is next to the option switch
1 Data Shield XLR Pin 1
2 DMX - XLR Pin 2
3 DMX + XLR Pin 3
4 n/c

5 5V aux output
6 0V common
7 AC/DC power in
8 AC/DC power in
For DC supply either Pin 7 or 8 can be +V
Price: $320.00  Order on line - How many  do you want?

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