Goddard Design - ShowPlayertm
The simple sophisticated show control software for the Lil'DMXter2, the DMXter-2U, and the DMXter4 RDM
Includes Enhanced ShowSavertm
Have you ever needed to control a small self-contained lighting system that executes a repetitive sequence? Was it for a trade show, a promotional point of sale exhibit, a parade float, or was it for lighting on moving scenery? How about the test routine for that new moving light? You needed something robust, simple and not too expensive. Maybe it was only a short term rental, and you really wished it was a feature of some piece of equipment that you already owned.

 ShowPlayer is our cue to cue software which includes an enhanced version of ShowSaver.

ShowPlayer is available for the DMXter4 RDM  and the DMXter-2U. Both versions function in the same way. The extended hardware of the DMXter-2U will allow more extensive triggering options and output options.

ShowPlayer allows you to store up to 227 cues on the DMXter4. These can be assigned to any of 1000 different possible cue numbers.

ShowPlayer allows completely unattended operation. An external device can start or stop a sequence. Sequences may step cue to cue based on time or on an input from an external device. On a DMXter-2U a cue may also produce a contact closure output to trigger an external device.

ShowPlayer supports fade and hold times of up to one hour.

Since cues are stored in compressed form, the number of cues that can be stored depends on the number of slots used in the cues. Cues can be recorded from the output of a console or they can be entered and edited from the keyboard. Unlike some inexpensive controllers, ShowPlayer supports all 512 DMX slots.

When the Enhanced ShowSaver feature of ShowPlayer is used, the user can program automatic changeover to backup mode upon main DMX failure.

ShowPlayer is an $25. upgradefor all three platforms.   Buy Online buy online

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