Automatic main/backup switching for DMX512 

With today's complex multi universe lighting consoles it is often comforting to have a standby console or controller. But the thought of replugging three - maybe eight - universes of DMX512 under the table (usually in the dark!) during a performance is not pleasant!

So Goddard Design introduces the Smart Switch and the Smart Switch 8:4. Housed in 1U 19" racks each provides switching between primary and backup for up to four pairs of DMX512. Each pair of inputs has a main and backup XLR. Valid data is indicated via LEDs. In the event of a main data failure or disconnect, the unit will check to see if all the available backup inputs have valid data and if so, switch all outputs to the backup. The Smart Switch switches one universe; the Smart Switch 8:4 switches four. Each of the outputs will indicate if operating in backup mode via a LED.

Additional features of the Smart Switch 8:4.

Part # Product Professional 
Net Price
FD SMSW8:4 SMART SWITCH8:4 $995.00

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The Smart Switches are manufactured in the UK by XTBA and distributed in North America by Goddard Design Co.

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