The SMART MERGE2 allows you to combine two DMX512 data streams into one. This lets you use more than one DMX controller on the same DMX network. With a MERGE a standard lighting controller, moving light controller, and color scroller controller may now run their respective devices on a single DMX line. Where appropriate two controllers may share control of a single device. When two inputs are combined for a single DMX channel, they are combined in a "highest takes precedence" manner.

Each SMART MERGE2, has two DMX512 inputs combined to form a new DMX512 output. The addresses of "Dimmer data" on input one are not changed. Dimmer one is output as dimmer one. The address of data on input two may be offset so that two DMX512 data streams may be patched end to end, or overlapped in a controlled manner.

Offset is controlled by a 3-digit decimal switch. The number displayed on this switch is the address that dimmer one of input two will occupy in the DMX output. On the SMART MERGE2 all data for channels that are offset above 512 are routed to a second DMX512 output.

The unit is powered by a powerful DSP chip set. The output is full speed DMX at approximately 43 updates a second. The SMART MERGE2 is tolerant of a wide range of DMX flavors and should receive all allowed DMX flavors, and some illegal ones too. It is packaged in a 1 3/4" steel case with detachable rack ears for mounting in 19" relay racks. The power supply is switchable for operation at either 120 or 240 VAC 50 or 60 Hz.

The SMART MERGE2 is manufactured by XTBA  logo and link to them and is distributed in North America by Goddard Design Co.

SMART MERGE 2 $1500.00
SHIPPING within US $12.50
Units sold within New York State subject to applicable sales tax
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