An Encore for the μDMX

  A classic returns in a limited edition.


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We found parts to build a few of a much loved DMX test tool, the μDMX. The Micro was produced from 1992 thru 1995, and was replaced in our product line by the MiniDMXter. While the more expensive Mini does more than μDMX, its simplicity of operation made it a favorite of some people.
The μDMX (Micro-DMX) is a hand held battery powered digital multiplexed dimmer protocol generator. It is designed specifically to operated one handed. While there have been smaller testers, none have had the balance and feel of the Micro. The primary protocol it supports is USITT DMX512(1990). It also supports Colortran "CMX" protocol and AVAB "Light Transmission Protocol". Its main use is to bring a DMX device to any level. It’s simple to use, with much of what you need to know printed on the front panel.

These units are being offered with newly updated software:

Bring up any slot, any combination of slots, or all slots to the same level.
Bump levels to ‘off’, to 50% , and to 100%
Auto increment slot numbers by 1 or 10, or bump back to slot 1.

We have a limited number of units. They are either new, made from our stock of original parts, or reconditioned units. All carry a new warranty. Some units may have cosmetic blemishes. That’s been factored into the price. Follow this link to see a photo of the μDMX.

If you need an inexpensive but very handy riggers’ remote, the Micro is a good choice.

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FD uDMX  tester with Manual  No longer Available
$195 #
For delivery within NY state add applicable sale tax.

If you really like them, we might bring back the Micro permanently........)

 2"W, 2"H, 9"L

Protocol Details
When sending DMX512 the μDMX is set to 250 kilo-baud. It sends 512 dimmer bytes at an 8 Hz. update rate, with a 120 micro-second Break and a 14 micro-second Mark-After-Break.

When sending Colortran CMX, the μDMX is set to 153.6 kilo-baud. It sends 512 dimmer bytes at an 8 Hz. update rate, with a 218 micro-second Break and a 25 micro-second Mark-After-Break.

When sending Avab protocol the μDMX is set to 153.6 kilo-baud. It sends 256 dimmer bytes at an 10 Hz. update rate. Packets are framed by two leading sync bytes of "FF". Levels are restricted to values between 0 and FE hex.

Download the Manual
For more detailed information please download the manual.

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