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Virtual Magic Sheet™ Information and Ordering Guide

Purchasing VMS  - This product has been discontinued. An  open source project based on VMS is underway.  Please contact:  https://www.facebook.com/westsidesystems

Ordering VMS is now simpler -   From this page you may  download the code, and purchase a  license and any interface hardware you need.  We offer one standard version in three different editions ( four edition if  you count the free demo). The only difference between editions is how many objects may go 'live'.
  • Editions that support 250, 500, and 1000 live object are currently available.
  • Our free demo  supports10 live objects.
An object that can go live is one of the objects that responds to DMX.  A color scroller is a live object; a line is not. Label text is not a live object, however  Command Text is a live object because it responds to and changes depending upon a DMX value.
  • All editions support up to four universes of DMX512.   
  • All editions may be used to create and edit a 'Magic Sheet' of any size  with any number of objects.
  • All editions are network enabled.
  • All editions support both ArtNet Ethernet and USB dongle encoded DMX512.
  • Support for ETCnet2, Strand's ShowNet,  and Pathway's Pathport protocols is under development.
  • All editions are available for  Power PC Mac, Intel Mac or Windows XP machines.
  • All non-demo editions come with both a paper( by mail) and  PDF manual as well as extensive on-line help.

How VMS is licensed

When you purchase VMS you will tell us what name you want on the screen and any print outs. We will email you a licensing code. Which edition you will have depends on how many objects are enabled by the license you purchase. The program you download is the same. The code has three parts.
  1. Your user name, It must be entered exactly as we  wrote it -  if  we got it wrong, tell us.
  2. Your serial number. The last 3 or 4 digits are the number of live objects your edition will support
  3. Your authorization code.
After you receive your authorization code by e-mail, usually within a day, use the Help > Enter Authorization Code command. Enter your information and click the Authorize button. To confirm authorization, choose the About Virtual Magic Sheet command and check the supported number of live objects.

Downloading the latest VMS code

Even if you have a demo copy of VMS  we recommend that you download the code to get any recent updates. The following files are available for downloading:
  • Virtual Magic Sheet 1.2 User Guide (Adobe pdf format).
  • VMS-demo 1.2 download for Mac OS X (Power PC).
  • VMS-demo 1.2 download for Mac OS X (Intel).
  • VMS-demo 1.2 download for Windows XP.

Hardware Interfaces for the Virtual Magic Sheet

DMX USB converter

We offer for sale a USB DMX box for VMS. The USB box that we provide supports 1 universe, send or receive. It has both a male and a female connector so passive loop thru is available for receive. VMS software supports only the receive function.

DMX-Link ArtNet compatible interface

Each Goddard Design  DMX-Link converts two DMX universes to an Ethernet protocol for network connection to VMS  Compatible with wireless Ethernet (WiFi) networks. They allow the computer running VMS to be remote from DMX data lines. They provide full ArtNet protocol support.

Table Top case DMX-Link  for VMS

  Table top enclosure to provide a convenient stand alone DMX-Link system is available.
  • Two 5-pin DMX input connection
  • One RJ45 Ethernet connection
  • Universal power supply for any AC power source


Purchase orders accepted from established customers; please call Goddard Design Co.  at 1-718 599 0170.
NY State customers are subject to applicable sales taxes

The Virtual Magic Sheet can be ordered on line here on our secure order system.
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250 object edition
$295 #
500 object edition $395
1000 object edition $495 #
USB DMX512 Gateway
DMX-Link 2 Universe Encoder Wall Unit
FD DMX-LNK-TTPS Table Top Case with Internal Universal Power Supply $190 #
FDDMX-LNK-TTNP Table Top Case without Power Supply $145 #

DMX cable - 3 feet $35 #

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