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Goddard Design's DMXter has long been the standard DMX tester  for DMX512. The MiniDMXter is our compact DMX tester.  The MiniDMXter offers the essential features of the Lil'DMXter at a fraction of the weight, a quarter the size, and about half the price.

Now the V2.00 software adds three new tests routines and updates the user interface to mimic recent DMXter software releases.

  1. MiniDMXter GENERATES a DMX512 control Signal. It allows you to bring up any one or up to 64 dimmers at one time to any level. It also lets you bump through a system one dimmer at a time, to check lamps, patches and dimmers.
  2. MiniDMXter RECEIVES a DMX512 signal.
    It allows you to examine a controller's output displaying three slots at one time.
  3. V2.00 software adds a 24 slot bar graph mode for quickly viewing the relative levels of multiple of slots.
  4. MiniDMXter CHECKS DMX512 cables.
    It tests cables for DC continuity and with actual data. Pins four and five may also be tested with DC.
  5. MiniDMXter Supports The COLORTRAN Protocol. There is no need for a separate test unit.
  6. V2.00 software sends and receives DMX512-A text packets.
  7. V200 software add new three new short cut key combination to most routines


The Mini's transmitter and receiver are ESD resistant. The unit is packaged in a small rugged aluminum case. (3-3/4"x6"x1-3/4") It is powered by 2 AA batteries (battery eliminator optional). The MiniDMXter is extremely easy to use - it requires only 5 buttons to navigate its menu driven software. It provides clear prompts on a 32 character LCD display. Unlike testers without a full apha nurmeric display, with the MiniDMXter you are always sure of which dimmer and what level you are sending or receiving. The MiniDMXter's receive input is properly terminated at all times. If the user wishes the Transmitter can be turned on during reception to allow for a loop thru mode. Note that pins 4 and 5 do not loop thru.


The MiniDMXter offers you five transmit modes. It allows you to ADJUST ONE SLOTADJUST ALL SLOTS to the same level. It canSEND SOME DISPLAY AUTOFADE thru a dimmer system, bringing each successive dimmer up to full and down. In ADJUST SOME it functions as a "one cue" lighting console, allowing you to send up to 64 Slots each to its own level. V2.00 adds  SEND TEXT  to send a preset or user selectable text message in DMX512-A fromate. The Mini provides two different transmit flavors. The standard flavor (SLOW) sends DMX512 or CMX at 8 updates a second; the alternate flavor (FAST) sends DMX512 at about 38 updates a second or CMX at 23 updates per second.


In RECEIVE the MiniDMXter displays the received levels for 3 sequential slots at once or it allows viewing 24 slots in a graphic barSend Edit Screen Display graph display. This graphic display is new in V2.00.  RECEIVE TEXT will display a DMX512-A formated text message of up to 64 charaters. If the unit detects a reception error, it warns the user.  The errors detected and displayed are: parity, framing errors, break too short, mark after break too short, overflow (reception of more than 512 Slots) and broken line detection. Broken line detection is a proprietary Goddard Design Co. feature that detects if either of the two data lines is open during reception.


Considering the simple user interface the Mini like the other DMXters lets you do a great deal with a rich set of combination key strokes. You can take any level to full, half (NEW), or zero with single entry.You can also clear all Slots with a single entry.  You may increment or decrement the current slot number by one slot, or ten slots.You may auto-increment /decrement by one or ten slots. You can return to slot one (New).


A cable tester similar to the Lil'DMXter is provided. This test allows the user to select whether the first three pins or all five pins of the DMX cable are tested.


The MiniDMXter supports 3 display formats for Slot levels. Two of them, decimal and hexadecimal, display the full 256 step resolution. The third, percent, provides a 0-100 step scale similar to that used on most lighting consoles. New in V2.00 is a short cut key sequence that allows you to change between the 3 formates from within all the null send and recieve routines.

If you would like details on our binary to percentage conversion routines they are posted on this Web page.

The MiniDMXter's small size and light weight make it the choice for certain users. The Mini is perfect for applications where the Lil'DMXter's extended hardware and software are not justified, but where you cannot afford to trust a toy. The MiniDMXter will be a perfect second tester for DMXter owners since their user interfaces are extremely similar. A user should be able to switch between the two instruments readily.

It's meant to fit in your hand .. or your toolkit or briefcase. It is the low cost insurance policy you shouldn't be without.CE Mark

PRICE LIST - December 15, 2011
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MiniDMXter with Version 2.00 software- Manual online

5Vdc Battery eliminator
DC Cord Plug -    2.5mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 12mm Female Positive Center
$12.50 #
DMX cable - 3' $40.00 #
V2.00 software update with manual for older units  SU MINI2
For delivery within NY state add applicable sale tax.

A Real DMX512 Tester for the Masses

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