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MiniDMXter 4
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The MiniDMXter4 puts power in the palm of your hand.   With DMX capabilities similar to the old Lil’DMXter, the MiniDMXter4 adds RDM management functions.*Backlit, bigger display * FlickerFinder * ShowSaver
*Stored Snapshots * Cable test * Intercept & Modify
* RDM support for all E1.37-1 and E1.37-2 PID
* Upgrade any MiniDMXter4 to V3.39 software
* Compatible with RDM Integrity test software
* New auto re-configurable RDM UI that can use the Supported PIDs list to show only the needed PIDs.
(Feature is switchable.)      

The 7 button interface provides improved menu navigation, and the 40 character backlit display provides clear, plain language prompts.

Software updates are easy, using a USB port. The MiniDMXter4's receive input is properly terminated at all times.  The user may turn on the transmitter during reception to allow for loop-thru mode (excluding pins 4 and 5).  With Intercept & Modify, change any slot(s) necessary while passing thru all others unchanged.  Both input and output support DMX512A and RDM topologies. 
A list of supported PIDs is on our website.  The unit measures 3-3/4"x6"x1-3/4", is powered by 2 AA batteries, the USB connector or an optional battery eliminator.

The MiniDMXter4 provides 5 transmit modes - ADJUST ONE SLOT, ADJUST ALL SLOTS, AUTOFADE, SEND/EDIT sip_dis009bw.jpg SNAPSHOT, and SEND TEXT.    The unit supports 7 transmit flavors, including the optional Colortran.

The MiniDMXter4 displays received levels in numeric or graphic format.  The display allows for 4 slot levels to be shown numerically, or 32 slot levels to be shown graphically.  DMX512 text reception is also supported. 

Intercept & Modify - Receive and Transmit at the same time
Our Intercept & Modify feature lets you work on any slot without interrupting the guy at the console programing the movers. With the MiniDMXter4 you can re-time any DMX data stream to one of three conservative flavors that even the pickiest color scroller will accept.

Recognizing the need for a handheld tester that handles RDM, we’ve included RDM responder address settings and basic configuration routines in the MiniDMXter4 The MiniDMXter4 supports all 86 PIDs presently in E1.20/E1.37-1 and E1.37-2.
•    Discover all devices on a RDM system
•    Select a current device
•    Address a current device, set a device label, capture and activate device presets
•    Provide information on a RDM device, including device model, device label,
    manufacturer’s label, software version, current address and DMX footprint,
    personality, view sensor details, product category, supported PIDs and more

Version V3.39 software now shipping Read the release notes
Compare the MiniDMXter4 with the DMXter4 RDM

Download the MiniDMXter4 Manual
Download a pdf version of this page.

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MiniDMXter 4
Manual by download
$540. #

Paper manual
5VDC Battery  eliminator
DC Cord Plug -    2.5mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 12mm Female Positive Center

DMX cable - 3' $30.

Colortran Protocol Option

V3.39Software Update

For software updates, please give us the unit's serial number and model number when asked in the shopping cart.

For delivery within NY state add applicable sale tax.

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