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Download our Manuals & Support Information

This page  is where we post operator manuals and technical support sheets. It is not normally where you find product data sheets.  The download files are sorted by product and age with the newest listed first.

If you're not sure which version of DMXter you have, the Lil'DMXter runs software  V1.10 to V1.81; the Lil'DMXter2 runs software V.200 to V2.45; and the DMXter4 RDM runs V4.00 and up.
If contacting us for a software up date or any technical question, please give us the serial number of the unit.
Most of the files are in PDF format.

DMXter4/4A RDM

Part numbers FD DMX-4, DMX-4A

V4.39 Section 1
V4.39 Section 2
V4.39 Release Notes 
Updated boot loader -  who has to get it
Earlier manuals for DMXter4/4A

Lil'DMXter 2

Part numbers FD DMX-1a.

Lil'DMXter2 manual for V2.45
V2.45 release notes
Purchase this V2.45 software

Earlier manuals for Lil"DMXter 2


Part number FD DMX-1

Lil'DMXter1 manual V1.81
V1.81 Release notes  
Purchase V1.81 software.
.Earlier manuals for the Lil'DMXter


Part number FD DMX-6
 The personal RDM tester
MiniDMXter4 manual V3.39
Earlier Mini4 manuals


Part number FD DMX-5
The Original Personal DMX tester
Mini V2.00 manual
Mini V1.00 manual
Upgrade your Mini to V2.00


The easy way to distribute DMX and RDM.
DMX-Net RDM White
Paper 1

DMX-Net RDM White Paper 2
DMX-Net RDM Technical details

RDM Integrity 

DMXter /windows based responder test suite.
RDM Integrity Data shee
Quick Start guide

The AWU manual

The classic scenery motion controller.

AWU Manual

Other Files

Some old support information.-more to comeSupport files

System Information packet details


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