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DotEleven DMX Splitter for DMX512-A
Goddard Design's Cost Competitive DMX512-Splitters View the data sheet
HUB5 for RDM
Goddard Design's Cost Competitive Splitter for  DMX512A RDM. View the data sheet
Dot Eleven

                Splitter Photo

The RDM/DMX protocol is the first choice for bi-directional data delivery. DMX-Net RDM modules provide a flexible, cost efficient distribution method for those protocols The modules are multi-protocol hubs.  Using DMX-Net RDM modules allows locating  input and output wall plates thru a facility as needed.

Our  Mark 2 modules can greatly decrease the required supply current, allow for smallar gauge supply cable (think Cat5& Cat6)

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DMX Net outlet photo
sACN nodes for DIN rail mounting
Two low cost  DIN rail nodes for Art-Net and sACN.

 artLynx duo A 2 universe node

artLynx quad  A four universe node.

Rail_splitter photo
DIN Rail Splitters
We sell  three 6 port DMX512 DIN rail splitters.   They have an isolated input/grounded output topology.

Rail-Split DMX DMX512 only

Rail-Split RDM DMX, RDM, DMX Clean up

Rail-Split Extreme  Adds overvoltage protection 

Photo of a DIN rail DMX splitter
The Flexible Optical Splitter TM - The Custom Splitter
Multiple output optically isolated DMX512 distribution amplifiers or "Opto-splitters" are a common necessity in many DMX512 systems. Standard units often do not provide the exact combination of features your job requires. Now you can design your own splitter, including one with features not found in standard units.
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FOS drawing

We also represent the Smart-Splitter Line: to solve your  special  distribution needs:
Smart Splitter 5i View
The Smart Splitter 5i View is a one in, five out fully optically isolated splitter  which can also display the received slot levels and data parameters.
It allows  for easy trouble shooting and data checking.
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 Smart Splitter 10i
The Smart Splitter 10i is a one in, ten out fully optically isolated splitter.
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The Smart Splitter View
The Smart Splitter View is a splitter with one isolated input and five outputs  that can display the received slot levels and data parameters.
It allows  for easy trouble shooting and data checking.
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