The 'Smart Splitter' Family of DMX512 Distribution Amplifiers

The Smart Splitters are manufactured in the UK by XTBA and distributed in North America by Goddard Design Co.
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Goddard Design is  proud to distribute  XTBA products in North America . Unfortunately due to the recent  instability of the dollars / sterling  exchange rate pricing some products from the UK has become difficult. Price on this  page are quoted in  pounds.  This price includes duty and taxes . It does not include ship from  the UK. For most of these  products the shipping will run about $215. - $250. The exchange rate in force at the time order is accepted by Goddard Design will determine the dollar price.  Any discount quoted will apply to the Pro Net price  not to the shipping charges.
For  DMX512-A and RDM hubs please check out Goddard Designs DotEleven  Splitter family 

Smart SplitterSmart Spliter drawing

The SMART SPLITTER is designed to be economical and to make the distribution of DMX512 data easy. The DMX512 input data is optically isolated from the output section, which divides the data into five separate buffered outputs. This allows DMX to be sent to any point without the need to "daisy chain" through all the receivers, simplifying cable runs and data distribution. DMX data is also looped through to an additional output so in case of a power failure, data will still be passed through. The Smart Splitter also auto-terminates the DMX line. The unit is packaged in a 1U rack mount painted steel case. Download the Specification sheet.

Professional Net Price £373
Also available in a truss-mount version, SMART SPLITTER TRUSS MOUNT
Professional Net Price £373

Smart Splitter View drawingSmart Splitter View VSS

The SMART SPLITTER VIEW provides the features of the Smart Splitter AND it can also display the received channel levels and data parameters, allowing for easy trouble shooting and data checking. In "receive" mode the viewed channels may be scrolled left and right, and displayed in decimal or percent.

The Parameter menu will display break time, mark time, start code, and number of slots. If the View detects errors, the "system ok" will change to "error" and the data led will flash.

The user options menu allows the View to be set for decimal or percent. Unique among splitters, the Smart Splitter View can be set to remember and retransmit the last valid DMX frame coming from the controller. Other choices include display turn off after 5 minutes, with a restore by pressing any of 3 keys, and store/lose option settings on power down.. SMART SPLITTER VIEW has an input relay override so data will pass thru if the unit is off.

Professional Net Price £.551.25

5i splitter drawingSmart Splitter5i

The Smart Splitter 5i provides five fully optically isolated and buffered outputs, with over voltage line protection.. The data loop-through connector is fully terminated and the data loop-out connector is a retransmitted copy of the input, with a power down relay override, to ensure data transmission in the event of a power failure.  Download the Specification sheet.

Professional Net Price £.477.75

Smart Splitter 5i View

The SMART SPLITTER 5i VIEW offers the features of the 5i with the addition of the data monitoring features of the SMART SPLITTER VIEW, including the ability to retransmit the last valid DMX frame received.

Professional Net Price £551.25

10i splitter drawingSmart Splitter 10i

The Smart Splitter 10i is a one in, ten out fully optically isolated splitter, with over voltage and data line protection on the outputs. The data input is fully terminated and the data loop-out connector is a retransmitted copy of the input, with a power down relay override.  Download the Specification sheet.

Professional Net Price  £ 834.75

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