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The HUB5 is a discoverable RDM splitter configurable across the DMX/RDM network. Use it to construct RDM  and mixed RDM/DMX512 systems.  Passive loop thru allows for splitter stacking with few limitations. The Hub5 provides 5 fully bidirectional RDM controller ports, and supports the preferred grounding methods of E1.11. RDM devices may be placed between the Hub5 and the controller.  Another feature of the Hub5 is its ability to mix older, "less compliant" DMX512 legacy gear with current RDM equipment.

RDM Features of the FD HUB5- Version 2 software

●    The factory defaults will handle most standard systems, whether plain DMX or RDM. Just plug and play. The Hub5 echos all RDM response messages on all ports. GDC feels that including this optional feature is important for systems that wish to achieve the full power of RDM.

●     An unusual and useful feature of the Hub5 is that any port may act as an RDM input (a responder port).

●    The Hub5 includes sophisticated jabber detection. If an RDM device on one port attempts to hijack the system, the Hub5 will quickly quarantine that port, limiting how many responders are affected. Even when a port is quarantined, the Hub5 attempts to send standard DMX data to that port. Quarantined ports are retested and  will have RDM re-enabled when the problem is cleared. User may manually quarantine any port.

●    If your system contains older legacy equipment that does not tolerate the use of alternate start codes, any port on the Hub5 can be configured to send only Null START Code packets.  This is called a ‘Clean Port’. If any of your equipment is fussy about the flavor of DMX that it will respond to, the HUB5 can re-time the DMX to either of two relaxed flavors.

●    DMX splitters are often placed at the end of  long cable runs.  They allow star topologies and restore the signal level - but they cannot restore the signal timing.  Because a Hub5 is not a conventional splitter, any port can be set to re-time DMX512 signals, restoring correct DMX timing.  As long as the runs between Hub5 units are kept to some reasonable length (say 1200 feet) Hub5s will allow DMX systems of any length to be constructed. (RDM signals are not re-timed and RDM systems should be limited to a total of about 1200 -1500 feet from the controller to the furthest receiver.)

●    The Hub5 supports personalities at both the Root and Sub-device level.

Configuration options are detailed on our Software / Hardware details page.

Hardware specifications are  listed on the Software/Hardware details page.

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