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The automated RDM syntax and timing checker for ensuring testable compatibility
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What is RDM Integrity?

The RDM Integrity software is a Windows application  to test RDM responders. It is a product of  BENJAMIN ELECTRIC and is sold by Goddard Design Co.

It performs tests on products claiming compliance with ANSI standards E1.20 -2010 [Remote Device Management over DMX512 Networks] and ANSI E1.37-1 [Additional Message Sets for ANSI E1.20 (RDM) – Part 1, Dimmer Mess
age Sets],  and evaluates a product's compliance with these documents.

The tests provide a clear determination of Pass, Fail, Warning or Advisory levels together with the decoded Parameter Data for all command classes and Parameter ID’s (PIDs).

The RDM Integrity software is targeted at manufacturers and developers wishing to ensure that products are compliant before being placed on the market.  It is also useful for technical sales consultants and commissioning engineers wishing to verify that market claims of RDM compatibility are indeed being met.  Interoperability depends on compliance, and that's what RDM Integrity helps you verify.

Any time the RDM-I program is run, all data collected are available for detailed viewing.  You choose which data to view. When used with Goddard Design controllers, you can view the critical timing for every packet. RDM Integrity not only flags defective packets;  it states why they failed, often citing the relevant section of the standards. 


  • Results can be exported for use in subsequent reports.
  • Filtering by result levels allows the user to isolate messages for detailed analysis.
  • Displays transmit and receive raw data in an easy to read format for debugging.
  • Timing is measured and validated when used with the Goddard Design DMXter family of testers.
  • Manufacturer or Custom PID messages can also be transmitted and the responses analyzed. 
  • Extensive testing of a responder’s behavior in the presence of format errors and data range boundary conditions is provided.
  • Support for messages sent to Sub-Devices is included.
  •  The application may be used on a DMX network having multiple responders by selecting a “Responder to Test” from a list of discovered devices. Alternatively it may automatically connect to a single responder. A simple DMX control interface allows RDM testing with and without interleaved DMX packets.
  •  Screen shots are viewable by this link.

Version 282 is now available. It includes several new features along with enhanced displays.   Release notes are linked to on the right.
Customers who purchased RDM Integrity within the last year can contact us for an upgrade free of charge.  Others can update at a small fee.
Benjamin Electric

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The application runs on most Windows platforms (XP thru Windows 8)  using a standard USB port to communicate with either a JESE Ltd TRI MK1 or Goddard Design DMXter4/4A or MiniDMXter4  series controller.  Ideally the PC should have an Internet connection the first time it is connected to a particular  DMX controller.


Available exclusively in North America from Goddard Design Co. Available in Europe from Jese LTD. Available in the rest of the world from either company 


The software is licensed for use with a single controller. Licensing is done electronically over the internet. For details, see  this link.

The controller is the data collector. Any number of Windows machines may be used with the licensed  controller.  The Windows machine may also be used as a viewer, free of charge. The licensed software comes with at least one year of free updates and support.  An annual support  package can be purchased. 


RDM Integrity Licensed for DMXter4, 4A or Mini4
$495. #

If you are using a DMXter4/4A or Mini4 you already own - enter its serial number
Serial #  
BL V09 V09 boot loader Required for DMXter4/4A with software prior to V4.20
V4.37 update Needed for any DMXter4/4A with Software earlier than V4.30  $50.

Needed for any MiniDMXter4 with software earlier than V3.30  50.

Rental Rental of an enabled DMXter4A RDM with latest RDM-I software - Per week $100.

For delivery within NY state add applicable sale tax.

Authorship and Credits

Written for Benjamin Electric Co. by Larry Dew 
Testing and guidance by Hamish Dumbreck, Peter Willis , Bob Goddard, and Eric Johnson
Goddard Design Company
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Brooklyn NY 11222 USAy55
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