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DMX512/ RDM Test Products Page

World class E1.11 and E1.20 Test and Configuration Equipment
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dmxter4A RDM imageDMXter4A RDMtm

The Standard in  DMX testing - DMX has changed - So has the DMXter!-  More features-full RDM support -Includes a test responser

Universal power supply -  Backlit keyboard - Faster USB port -  A New Case -
View the data sheet
New Software  V4.37
You can view the release notes.
Permanently Label My DMXter4 RDM
All PIDs Supported - View?

MiniDMXter 4MiniDMXter 4 tm

The power of a Lil'DMXter plus RDM in a handheld unit
View the MiniDMXter4 data sheet
Software V3.34 - You can view the release note
Permently Label My MiniDmxter4
Update your old Mini model #1 to V2.00
RDM Lab Pack photRDM Labpack- Test RDM responder
RDM adds management, verification and remote configuration to lighting control. Integrating this capability into a lighting system requires tools. Adding a collection of sophisticated responders on your bench or in your briefcase puts you in the RDM game.

RDM Labpack does this - 6 responders in a compact unit.
View RDM Labpack data sheet

RDriver Test Set photoDM Transceiver Qualification Tester

Choosing the line driver for an RDM device requires more than checking the label on the IC.  Not all EIA485 drivers are appropriate for RDM use.  Added electrical requirements have increased the reliability of the protocol.  You need to test your driver and your biasing scheme.

Goddard Design now offers a three PCB set that allows any EIA driver and biasing scheme to be tested to the requirements of Appendix F of the E1.20 standard in a matter of minutes.

View the Transceiver Qualification test set data sheet.

DMXter 2u imageDMX-2U RDM  

A rack mountable DMXter for those less portable applications .View the data sheet
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