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Your DMXter4/4A is worth a reasonable amount of money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have yours indelibly labeled ? You can. The label you choose will be displayed briefly during turn on.  Here are a few examples.
|Goddard Design Lab#1|
|    718 599 0170    |

|DESIGN 718 599 0170 |
|For the best lights |
| Call 718 599 0170  |

|   Purchased from   |
|   WWW.XTBA.CO.UK   |

You can have any message that will fit in 40 character spaces.

Is this a new feature? Well, yes and no. It has always been available, all the way back to version 1. But we stopped talking about it a long time ago. Now we hear people would like it. So here is how.
Make sure we or your dealer know exactly what text you want.
If ordered at time of purchase, there is no additional charge. However it may delay shipment by one business day.
If you are getting a repair or software update that we are installing, the label can be added at no additional cost.  At  other times you must send your unit to us; the cost is $30 plus shipping.

We cannot email you a label file - it is too well protected for us to get at it thru the USB port. That is sort the point - it is indelible.

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