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DMX512 Merges and Decoders page

DMX512 to 0-10VDC - DMX512 to relay cards - DMX512 Merges  

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The Smart Merge 4:2
Two 2 Universe Merges in One Box - or a Four Universe Adjustable Merge at a Reasonable Price !
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4 to 2 Merge drawing

  DMX512 /Analog Merge.
Smart Merge  A-D is a 1U 19" rack unit that will merge up to 24 channels of 0 to +10 volt analog control and a DMX data stream into a single DMX512 output signal. The Smart Merge A-D will allow older analog equipment and custom-built controllers to be added into any DMX512 installation.
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Analog Merge Drawing

  Smart Switch & Smart Switch 8:4
Goddard Design introduces the Smart Switch and the Smart Switch 8:4, providing switching between primary and backup sources.
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  DMX1 Decoder/Switch:
Converts one DMX512 channel to analog 0-10V output Drives up to 4 fluorescent ballast for full dimming to zero
  DMX1 Relay:
Provides a single relay closure from a DMX512 signal.
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                Decoder photo
  The Relay8 Card
This card is a low cost solution that allows DMX to drive up to eight contact closure circuits.
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Relay 8 Photo
  The Rack-Dac
A 1U 48 way DMX512 to analog decoder
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Photo of Rack-Dac 0 to 10 Volt Decocder
The SMART MERGE 2 allow you to combine two data streams into one. This lets you use more than one DMX controller on the same DMX network.
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  DMX512  Wireless Solutions

The infrared wireless DMX512 Link. Short range wireless DMX512 for about $1100 (This item is special order only)
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