Release Brief for V4.39 soft ware for the DMXter4 and 4A

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There are only two areas of change in this release, but they are important changes for the professional  users.

The first change is a greatly expanded programmable responder. The DMXter4/4A is the only tester to provide stress and error handling testing for controllers. The changes are great enough that we suggest that you read Section 19 if you are doing controller development.

The other major change adds the ability to change the DMXter master clock over the range of plus or minus 5%.

    9A CONFIGURE TIME BASE     Advanced RDM only
This routine allows the DMXter to change its master clock generator over the frequency range of plus/minus  5%.  Every time the unit is powered up the clock returns to 48 MHz with accuracy of 75 ppm or better.   


B        | FIXED-XTAL        || ADJUSTABLE  104.13%|

 On entry you will see a display similar to one of the two above.  The <UP> or <DOWN> keys will cycle through the two displays. The right display shows the DMXter set for a variable clock rate.  To adjust the clock frequency use <UP> or <DOWN> to view the adjustable window.  Next move the cursor to  the numeric field using the <RIGHT> key.  Now use the <UP> and <DOWN> keys to select the value for the clock frequency.  The frequency adjusts in steps of approximately 0.8%.

To exit this routine, press the <GRAY> key once.

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