Release Brief for V4.39 soft ware for the DMXter4 and 4A

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Software Release Notes - DMXter4 and DMXterA Version V4.39
 The V4.39 update  mainly extends the programable  responder while making relatively few other changes. However, several are important for professional  users.

Section 19:
    The first test software change is a greatly expanded programmable responder. The DMXter4/4A is the only tester to provide stress and error handling testing for controllers. The changes are great enough that we suggest that you read Section 19 if you are doing controller development.

    Most of the tests in Section 19 require our optional Advanced RDM software.

 17.6 Extra Idle After Broadcast.       
     An option to add extra delay after Broadcast/Vendorcast requests to help test broken responders is included.

15.12.9 Setting How Many Times  a Broadcast Message is Sent.
    In the real world, the delivery of a broadcast message is never guaranteed. The DMXter4/4A allows sending of a broadcast message more than once.  This can help in an electronically noisy environment.

`    The broadcast message is only resent for UI-generated requests.  Dongle Mode and Build Custom requests are not repeated.

9A Configure Time Base     Advanced RDM only   
    Another  change adds the ability to adjust the DMXter master clock over the range of plus or minus 5%.  Every time the unit is powered up the clock returns to 48 MHz with accuracy of 75 ppm or better. 
  4.12.8 Browse Start Codes
    This feature allows for quickly changing the current receive Start Code and testing whether it is blocked or enabled.

Firmware change for RDM Inserter mode.  (DMXter4A only)
     When a fatal error occurs the DMXter4a switches the relay to passthrough. This should allow the Null Start Code data to continue to flow through.
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