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Goddard Design - DMXter Replacement Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery

image of PS LCR6V1.3P

These replacement batteries for Goddard Design Company's Lil'DMXter  and DMXter4 RDM. They may be used in our model numbers  FD_DMX-1, FD_DMX-1A,  FD_DMX-1B and DMX-4.  This sealed lead acid rechargeable battery is also used in many other industrial applications. Goddard provided batteries are labeled for use in our equipment. If installing in a DMXter make sure that it is placed with the side labeled "This Side Up" facing the front panel. For other applications follow the makers instructions. Note that GDC- provided batteries are rated at 1.2 amp hours while some standard industry batteries are rated at 1.3 amp hours.

These batteries are a compact efficient power source designed for long life in float and cyclic applications, durability and dependable service. Suspended electrolyte allows batteries to be mounted in any position.  The connections are made via 187" faston tabs.

Other Applications:

UPS/SPS Systems
Portable Lighting
Alarm Systems
     Industry Cross Reference:
Panasonic LCR6V1.3P,
Panasonic LC-R061R3PU
GDC Replacement Battery Volt AH L" W" H" LBS Terminal Recycle your old battery
 GDC # PS LCR6V1.3P 6 1.2 3.82 0.94 1.97 0.66 .187" Faston WHEEL BIN ICON
Price $11.00

For delivery within NY state add applicable sale tax.

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