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Why should actors get lost in a blackout? Why should dancers lose their center? No, not a trick question - we have a product that we can't really find a clever line to describe.

Lite-Ups are battery powered stage marker lights providing  low level illumination using LEDs. They  provide a mark for a performer or crew, for indicating paths through a dark area, for marking the centerline  and the quarter marks for dancers. They can also be a cue light system. Or for any other use you can imagine...and you'll imagine many once you have a few of these in your toolkit.

Lightweight - fasten them with Velcro or gaffers tape.

Long battery life - at least 12 hours with a 9-volt battery

Dimmable - sometimes they're just too bright

Remotely powerable...switchable...dimmable - using RJ11 cords (that's telephone cords, folks, available just about everywhere)

Each unit sold with a choice of LEDs - red, orange, cyan standard; white and blue optional


Dance - Stage Concerts - touring Ice Shows - Circuses Houses of Worship

Part # Price Each Buy online
Lite-Ups  Stage Marking Lights
FL LITE1 $70.00 #
Blue LED  IL BLUE1 $1.00 #
White LED IL WHITE1 $1.00 #
For delivery within NY state add applicable sale tax.

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