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This page will link you to where you can order updates for the DMXter family of testers. If your unit is a
DMXter4/4A or a MiniDMXter4, the update will be emailed to you.  To install them you will need a terminal emulator that can make virtual com port connection to your DMXter4/4A or Mini4.
Updates for older units will require to change the eprom, which we will send you.

If you're not sure which version of DMXter you have, the  Lil'DMXter runs software  V1.10 to V1.81; the Lil'DMXter2 runs software V.200 to V2.45; and the DMXter4 RDM runs V4.00 and up.
If contacting us for a software update or any technical question, please give us the serial number of the unit.
Please enter this information on the shopping cart page. See the bottom of this page for an example.

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If you are getting a software download product, you can get a shipping credit by entering 'software' in the box.
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If you are ordering a software update, please give us the model number and serial number.

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