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Small AL logoGoddard Design is pleased to be a dealer for Artistic Licence.  We offer a selected  group of  Artistic Licence products from stock at competitive prices.  

We offer two low cost AL Ethernet DIN rail nodes that support Art-Net and sACN.
The artLynx duo is a 2 universe node; the artLynx quad is a four universe node.
 Both units may be configured using a built in web server or via Art-Net.
We offer three 6 port DMX512 DIN rail splitters. These are installation units. They all offer robust ESD  protection of all data inputs and outputs. They have an isolated input/grounded output topology.
The Rail-Split DMX is a DMX512 only splitter.
The Rail-Split RDM adds RDM support and a DMX512 cleanup mode.
The Rail-Split Extreme add a high level of electrical protection. All outputs are protected in case of accidental mains connection.  The protection is self-healing. Additionally, Rail-Split Extreme provides surge protection. This feature is aimed at protecting the product and connected equipment against voltage surges of the type seen near lighting strikes or other major electrical transients.

 DMX-Clarify is a DMX512 clean up box producing DMX that even the most flavor sensitive device should read.

 DMX-Protect provides overvoltage protection to any DMX line. Ideal for long outdoor cable runs.

The nanoScopetm is a visual DMX and RDM monitor built into an XLR connector.
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