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Goddard Design Co. products address technical needs in theater, film/TV, worship and architectural lighting, and event production.  The DMXter4A RDM and the MiniDMXter4 are the world’s standard for test and verification of the DMX512 (ANSI E1.1) and RDM (ANSI E1.20) control protocols used in lighting.  Our line of DMX512/RDM splitters and hubs provides for the efficient and cost-effective distribution of these protocols, whether in a permanent installation or a one-night event.  These DMX-Net/RDM distribution modules combine lower installation cost with increased user flexibility.
Our AWU4A scenery mechanization controllers provide reliable and cost-effective control of deck and flying scenery movement on Broadway, regional theater and events.  The Chaos Audio intercom system has its roots in rock-n-roll, which underscores its rugged reliability and unequaled communication clarity in high ambient noise environments and quiet theater use alike.

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Bob Goddard receives ESTA's  first Lifetime Technical Achievement Award
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Image of the DMXter4A RDMThe DMXterTM family of DMX testers
DMXter4A RDM - DMX/RDM tester
DMXter2U RDM - a DMXter4A RDM in a
rackmount case
MiniDMXter4 - the "personal" DMX/RDM
test tool

Features of the DMXter4A RDM with V4.39

RDM Integrity software 
RDM Integrity software is a Windows application that works with a DMXter4/ 4a or MiniDMXter4 to test RDM responders.  It tests compliance with ANSI standard E1.20 -2010

Distribution Equipment   DMX / RDM -- sACN /Art-Net
The DMX HUB5  -- The fully configurable RDM Hub and Splitter
DMX-Net RDM - distribution scheme with active RDM wall plates.  Now with lower current requirements, simplifying layout and lowering costs.
DOT Eleven splitters for DMX512
Art-Net and sACN nodes for DIN rail mounting

A distributed RDM Hub designed for wall boxes, wireways, plug strips and trusses. A truly flexible way to distribute DMX/RDM. Now with lower current requirements, simplifying layout and lowering installation costs.

DMX512 Merges, Decoders and Processors
-Combine 2 to 4 universes of DMX - (E1.11)
-Decode DMX into 0 to 10VDC or PWM and relay contact closure
-Switch to a backup source of DMX automatically

Major TV studios use The BACKFADE  for console backup. Available in the USA from Goddard Design Co.

Need to convert DMX to DALI? DALI to DMX?  Call us

Other Products
Lite-UpsTM Stage Marking Lights
Portable battery powered center line or entrance markers for the stage.

Scenery Mechanization Controllers
The AWU TM controller for regional theater and industrial shows

Chaos Audio TM Theatrical Intercom

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